• Ron Apinis

Here's to 2021!

We all know that 2020 was a really hard year for everyone. But it REALLY hit hard for many Make-A-Wish families. With travel canceled and funds running extremely low, many Wish kids had to cancel, postpone, or change their wishes. Plus, a lot of funding disappeared over the year.

We learned that it benefited everyone for Wishes on Wheels to take a look at how we are fundraising. New partnerships with new organizations in 2020 have taught us that perhaps it is better to spread out from one major fundraising event to add on a few supplemental smaller events in the local community. We met new people, made new connections, and are excited to kick off this year with new ideas.

As we start 2021, please keep your eyes on our brand new website, our social media pages, and keep in touch with us. We are planning new and updated things and are looking for ways to expand our reach. With things changing by the hour, it's really hard to say where we are going to end up this year, but we'd love to help make this year a new start for everything we were not able to do together last year. If you have any input, we'd also love to hear it! Reach out using our contact form at the bottom of the website, or use one of our Executive Board member's emails also located in the footer. We're looking to make new friendships and partnerships to make 2021 one of the best years yet for Wish kids and their families.

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